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Friday, June 8, 2012

MIND matters: MIND #3 on the Limits of Internet Freedom Published

The Internet&Society Co:llaboratory has announced the publication of the third edition of their excellent discussion paper series "Multistakeholder Internet Dialog (MIND)", dedicated to "Grenzen der Internetfreiheit" (The Limits of Internet Freedom) (in German). 

The series is edited by Wolfgang Kleinwächter, one of the most renowned Internet Governance experts. What makes MIND matter is the unique multistakeholder approach.
Each edition (and they are all worth a read) is based around one central contribution, this time by Rolf H. Weber from the University of Zurich who sets the stage.

Commentartors from politics, the private sector, civil society and the academic and technical communities give then give their input and together, I find, this ensures that now view goes unchallenged and no perspective unheard.

Ever wonder how the debates in the IGF would look in well-argued, condensed and printed form - here's at least how they should.

I've also been asked to comment. In my contribution, I argue that internaitonal law offers both clear guidelines as to what states can and cannot do to limit Internet freedom and emerging internaitonal customary law duties.

So here's the table of content from the Co:lab's website.

Proposition von Rolf H. Weber, Universität Zürich
Repliken - Parlament und Regierung
Repliken - Privatsektor
Repliken - Zivilgesellschaft
Repliken - Akademisch-Technische Community

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